Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Interview from Andre Fachada to Ana Xavier

1- What is your greatest fear? My greatest fear is to loose one of my children
2- If you could help an institution, which one would it be? Bone marrow transplant (cancer research), which I'm actually a downer.
3- What is your greatest addiction? Laugh, If you can call that an addiction!!!
4-What do you despise the most? War...
5-What makes you happy? All the simple things of life!
6-If you could live in a different time, what year would you choose? The 70's! The so called glitter years!!! And don't think "those are her years!?!?!?!?!” In my point of view they are the funniest years in recent years!
7-While abroad, what did you missed the most about Portugal? The family and the sandy beaches, because where I lived we had a pretty beach but with pebbles and the sea water was very chilled too. All I was able to do, in very hot days, was to dive and quickly come out of the water….. and for me going to the beach means swim and play in the water of hours, people say I’m worst than kids!
8-Do you regret your experience (living abroad)? Not at all!! I have a say: Knows way more a travelled man than a studied one!” As far as I'm concerned when you travel and especially when you live among other cultures you became far more open minded and enriched, culture wise speaking.
9-If you were to kill an artist who would it be? Well.... I don't know about killing, but one artist I really dislike is Herman José!
10- If you could see an historical event 1st hand, what would it be? The world 1st peace treat! Let's hope I can live long enough to see it!

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