Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Life

I was born in Angola, exactly in the same house as my mum. I find that particularly interesting, because my mum had left Angola at the age of 5. After 25 years she goes back married and a mother of 3 children, get’s pregnant and ends up having her 4th child at the same house she was born! Like my mum I left Angola with my parents and my brothers at the age of 5!
As a family we started life in Portugal, but when I was 19 years old, I went to England. I think I needed a new challenge in my life, just like now, enrolling in University at 37, full time job and 2 children!
In England I worked mainly in restaurants, starting just by cleaning cutlery to management jobs. During this time I did enjoy some of the best years at my life, I travelled a bit, got married and had my daughter Sophia and my son Tiago. When my children start to grow up without any family around and away from their roots, I and Paulo decided to return home for good. We now feel that our children are happier than ever before and that shows us we have made the right decision.
I now work as a secretary and enjoying life in its full, because not only I love my job but I also have the opportunity to do lots of things I wished all my life and never had the courage or support to accomplish them.
My favourite sentence is:
“This is the 1st day of the rest of my life.” and I really try to live upon this idea of regardless of anything else we just have to do what our heart tells us!


Uncle Pavian said...
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Maria João said...

I really enjoyed learning a little bit more about you. It seems as though you have been through so much and been to so many places. I´m glad that you found your home and that you are happy with your decisions. That is really what matters in the end right?

Ana Xavier said...

You are absolutely right!