Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Authors / Ana Xavier

Hello!I live in Palmela with my husband Paulo and our two children, Sophia and Tiago.I work full-time as an Assistant to the Board of Directors as well as to the Managing Director of McLane Portugal, SA. I’m also the responsible for getting the Quality Certificates for the Company. I do enjoy very much my work and this degree will help me develop my skills and improve my performance. Everybody at home and work are behind me on this new task!I was born in Angola, 37 years ago and came to Portugal when I was just 5. I lived and studied in Almada until my late teens, time which I decided to travel abroad. I intent to live in England for a year, well….. Wasn’t a year, but almost 10!!! There I’ve lived in Brighton, a pleasant seaside town with lots of entertainment places (just right for a girl in her late teens)!I’ve now returned home for good and feel that my family; especially my children are happier in Portugal, because they’ve got the entire family around.I hope to correspond to this challenge and at the same time enjoy this semester with all my class mates.Best RegardsAna

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