Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Authors / Carlos Moreira

My name is Carlos Moreira I'm 20 years old ,i most likely know by (ÇÊS).I was born in Paris but when i come to Portugal i went to live in Barcelos (only the best city of Portugal...just jocking the greatest city in the world),now I'm living in a little Vila called Alenquer near Carregado (35 km of Lisbon).Now me....I can say I'm a social and humble person that try to do is best the be a good friend (but can be a "pain in the a##" of enemy also), I'm also sometimes lazy and stubborn.I' m one of those persons that got many passions and like a bit of all things,i like to read ,to listen to music (all the tips "like house ,rap,rock),i like to play some online games and also i love see movies of all kinds and ways .But my biggest passion is JUDO ,i like it because i with it i learn how to have discipline and respect for the others and myself.

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