Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Authors / Rui Freitas

So, my name is Rui Manuel da Silveira Botelho Machado de Freitas (I bet no one in the class has a name bigger than mine ) and I’m 18 years old, I’ll be 19 on December 27 . I’ve got two brothers and a sister, they’re all younger than me, and we all live with my mom in this quiet, peaceful place called Quinta Grande, that’s in Alfragide, which belongs to Amadora, (just five minutes away from Benfica), and just for curiosity, Rui Costa is my neighbour…About my academic past, once I’ve always liked drawing and stuff like that since I was a kid, it was clear to me that Arts would the be the right thing for me, so I took it in “Escola Secundária José Gomes Ferreira” in Benfica. After that I went to Fine Arts in Chiado, the best place in Lisbon to study, Chiado’s just amazing. But after a few months I realized that it wasn’t “my thing”, and in January 2006 I found myself out of college and having my mom giving me huge lectures, on a daily basis, about quitting college and bla bla bla, looking back…it was kinda fun!So after doing whatever I did between January and April, I decided to apply for cinema, I’m mad about it since forever, in “Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema” in Amadora, but, lucky me!, 41 guys got in, I was number 43…Without much options left, I had to turn to another one of my passions, English. So in June I took the exam, and then applied for Northern American & English studies, which brings us here, English at 10 with Allyson Roberts.I’ll bring you more sordid details about myself the next time…See ya!

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