Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Interview with Andre Fachada by Ana Xavier

  1. What is your greatest fear? To become dependable, i mean, if i loose my fisical or mental abilities i dont think i would be strong enough to move on!
  2. If you could help an institution, wich one would it be? the zoo i think, i am one of those who think animals deserve more than humans- they are not evil or preverse as we are by nature.
  3. What is your greatest addiction? WAS, i stopped smoking in september, but as they say "a smoker is always a smoker!"
  4. What do you despise the most? people who aim to hurt other people and those who do anything at any cost, regardless of those arround them!
  5. What makes you happy? my friends, my familly, Bob Marley, Sublime and Xutos&Pontap├ęs.
  6. If you could live in a different time, what year would you choose? the 60's, flower power is a bit used up, but to think that people actually believed that "love is all you need".... i would like to be there to help them not to ever forget!
  7. While abroad, what did you miss the most about Portugal? my home town, whenever i remembered Sesimbra, it made me think about everything that was related- friends, familly and who i used to be!
  8. Did you regret your experience (living abroad)? in a way i did, i should never have left behind who i did for money, i really do regret it every day. in another way i became much more aware of reallity, i met very special people, some really good friends, and for the first time in my life, some really evil people who eventually became my enemies- this forced me to grow up and stand up against what i think is wrong.
  9. If you were to kill an artist, who would it be? keannu reeves (personal reasons)......
  10. If you could see an historical event 1st time, what would it be? the arrival of Christopher Colombus to America, i would try to tell those poor indian souls who met them to run far away, never never trust any european and to fight them with no mercy!

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