Monday, November 13, 2006

My road is a river // By Ana Xavier


Here I came with my road theme. The road where I live!My road runs from the riverhead to the outfall (and vice versa). Today is weekend and changes it’s looks, it’s movement and it’s life!My road is just a small village’s road!This morning it was a silent road, but a lovely type of silence. Full of birds and cats on gardens’ walls, they seemed to whisper great thoughts… At it’s margins we see sleeping cars, strangely the road’s magic silence can’t even be disturbed by the empty cars left behind.
Normally there is something frightening about a road full of parked cars, without people inside or out, even more when we wait for a while and don’t see any movement. Today was just like that: an empty road, where just empty cars ruled… but nothing frightening! In the shy light where band of small, almost invisible insects appear to dance, gave it an enchanted touch. We could feel the magic!
The cars, with no utility lay on the sun. Odd, inert and silent car “bodies”, talking of other moments and waiting for they riders.
The sun light when rises swipes the road like wind and for hours continues in a fatal way, leaving the margins without a shade! Yes, the margins, because that what is all about: my road is a river of sun, light, heat, that runs where we can navigate.
That is what I do every morning, having a refreshing light bath, following right in the middle of this river that I live with a smile on my lips and warmth in my heart.


AR said...

May you travel the road of light and sunlight with a full heart, every morning.

Rui Freitas said...

I just love this photo!
beautiful road yours!

Filipa Correia said...

The picture demonstrates exactly what you've wrote. I liked it, good work :D

Maria João said...

What a beautiful tribute to nature and the break of day. I really enjoyed reading it.