Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Road to Heaven // By Andre Fachada

Road to Heaven

I guess we all are in some kind of a trip some where… I guess we are all on the road towards our own fate.
We spend all our lives searching for something, no one really knows what, some say they search for their soul-mate, some try to success, others live for money and there are those who, of course are lost. Nevertheless I think what we really search is for our own private heaven, maybe we have different places to find it – in a woman, in a man, in a job, in “blue bayou”, within ourselves.
I always thought I would find it in my success, but life gets turns around pretty fast - one day you are on the top of the hill, the next you are deep down in the mud – and I realized that my life isn’t that simple, or hollow if you prefer, I found out that I don’t depend on myself to be happy, to be in heaven.
I think I am one of the lost ones who really doesn’t know exactly what to do in this world, I think I am just on the road to somewhere, still don’t know for sure where, I hope it turns out to be my heaven, I hope that in the end I find myself at the end of a beautiful road like the one on the picture, I hope to find my own personal “blue bayou”!


AR said...

Heaven can wait... too ... enjoy the travel!

These lyrics are from a crooning Lyonel Ritchie of the 1970's. I just did a song lyric search!

Rui Freitas said...

hey man just one thougt to you: Carpe diem!! great photo!

Filipa Correia said...

"one day you are on the top of the hill, the next you are deep down in the mud" that's quite right but you can appreciate when your on top of the hill, is the best you can do, don't worry about what comes after.

Maria João said...

All our young lives we search for someone to love. We choose partners and change partners. We dance to a song of heartache and hope...all the while wondering if somewhere, somehow, there is someone perfect who might be searching for us.

i like your thought, good job! I agree with Rui, Carpe Diem and if I may...Carpe Noctem as well.