Thursday, January 11, 2007

Assessment Task 2

I based my review on all the ones I researched. My research was only based on the internet, I used the addresses provided in class as well as in google and wikipedia.
I didn’t find any negative review on “Big Fish”, the closest I found where some comments of site visitors whose opinion wasn’t the best. I would have liked to find a professional bad review on the film so I could compare it to all the other ones and then draw my own conclusions from it, since that didn’t happened, my own review has only positive influences (including myself).
During my research I found details that I wasn’t aware of, some of them I chose to left out of my review, although they are indeed important. I chose not to mention the producer John August because I considered Tim Burton influence far more significant than the producer himself. I tried to imagine myself reading a review on “Big Fish”, and I would sure like to see a film by Tim Burton, but I think I would pass on the John august production. I also based my opinion on the reviews I saw, the name John August rarely appears; the film was nominated for several awards, including 4 golden globes and 1 Oscar. I left this fact out of my review because one usually writes a review before the nominations; the soundtrack is very good, it granted the film a nomination for an Oscar. I decided not to talk about the musical work of Danny Elfman and Eddie Veder because I consider the contend of the plot to have a bigger impact than the soundtrack. I also based my decision on the fact that the majority of the reviews didn’t mention it; I was surprised by discovering the original novel in which the film was based on, I will surely read it soon. I decided to leave out this information because I was reviewing the movie, and since I don’t know the original novel “Big Fish- a tale of epic proportions” by Daniel Wallace, I considered that mentioning any relation between both would be misleading; I found numerous reviews that related “Big Fish” to another film that I really admire – “Forrest Gump”. After thinking for a while I am forced to agree with the proximity between these movies. I also didn’t mention this fact because I considered to be reviewing “Big Fish”, and not “Forrest Gump”.
During assessment task 2 I was able to develop my writing skills. The reason I say this is that I read numerous different writing styles and I had to transfer them all into my own, so I guess I had to create my own style, and to do so I was required to acquire a more profound knowledge in the English language. I have to say that one thing I developed for sure was my ability to use adjectives, it may not show in my review, but in order to use those on the text I had to search for the one which suited the most.All and all I consider that the 3 stages of my work were positive to my knowledge in English.

André Fachada

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Silvia D. said...

great make us kind of dreaming and maybe leave us thinking on not to doubt of someone's histories because sometimes they can be true althought they seemed impossible!!
one of my favourit's!!