Thursday, January 11, 2007

Assessment Task 2
Review“Big Fish”
The movie tells the tale, in flashback, of a man’s life of discovery on the road in the south of the United States, exploring the relationship between father and son. Edward Bloom (Albert Finney/ Ewan McGregor) is a great story teller who is very sick and about to die. His son (Billy Crudup) visits him and doesn’t have a clue that his sceptic view of his father’s adventures is about to completely change in a touching ending capable to shake even the bravest souls. Throughout the wonderful life of Edward Bloom we can find it all, from giants and witches to bank robbers and naturally… a big fish. The director Tim Burton has in “Big Fish” his greatest work ever; he has created the ultimate fairy tale.
Not only Ewan McGregor has a impeccable performance, but also the supporting cast is fantastic, with Helena Bonham Carter, Danny Devitto and Steve Buscemi (among others) playing their roles in a such seducing way that makes you wish the movie never ends.
The plot is very intelligent; one can never distinguish reality from fantasy, in what is and always was Tim Burton’s unique style (even though in this film Burton’s usual dark side is replaced by a genius positive way of looking at life.).
The characters are found in any fairy-tale, nevertheless Burton managed to create originality in what we know since childhood and made his characters unique.
“Big Fish” is an adventure as big as life itself, it is a masterpiece and everyone in any age should see it.
I have no negative comments and I only regret not to be able to always face life as Edward Bloom.

André Fachada


Silvia D. said...
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Maria João said...

I haven´t seen Big Fish but I am planning on seeing it when I get the chance. Did you know that Helena Bonham Carter is in ALL of Tim Burton´s films? And guess what!! Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter just had a baby!! No wonder...
Tim Burton is the best for being original. I have to remember to see this film!

Rui Freitas said...

what a great movie you picked for yor review!
One of my favorite!
But I don´t know if it his tim burton's best film, "edward scissorhands" was pretty awesome too...
no you're right it is the best..